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Is My Backflow Preventer Broken?

Is my backflow preventer broken

No matter what the material is made of, things tend to wear down and require maintenance. It could be because of constantly moving parts, or it could even be due to the elements or exposure to the environment. And it seems that objects and tools that are used in water, from reverse osmosis purifiers even to sprinklers. Things just deteriorate over time. With this, it should come to no surprise that backflow repair is common among backflow services.

With backflow preventers, maintenance and required repairs are essential to property ownership. Not only is it to ensure your property safe drinking water, but those in your community as well. After all, a broken backflow preventer may not be able to properly do its job, which means the water line is in danger of non-potable water being sucked into the water supply, tainting the entirety of it.

But how do I know what to look out for? What signs will my backflow preventer or water supply show to tell me it is time to call the experts at Backflow Paradise Inc.? Let's look into it. Alternatively, you can give us a call at 623-297-9703 to speak with an expert to hear it from their own mouths signs you may need backflow repair.


This is the most simple and obvious of signs, though some would say it is less so. But we at Backflow Paradise Inc. live by the notion that being careful is better than being sorry, especially when it comes to a water supply. So if you notice that the waterline around your backflow preventer or the backflow preventer itself is leaking, your backflow preventer may not be doing its job properly and is in need of maintenance. At Backflow Paradise Inc., we offer backflow repairs & installation, so you don't have to worry about it under our care.

Poor Water Quality

Signs of a broken backflow assemblage can show up in the quality of your water too. Commonly, it shows as a bad scent, water that has a colored tint or discoloration, particles of any sort, and a strange taste.

Water Pressure Is Diminished

This is another simple sign of a poor backflow preventer. Because a backflow preventer directly interacts with the water pressure in your water lines, changes in this pressure, especially a weakling, could be a sign of broken parts. This is typically most noticeable in water systems you use frequently, such as faucets from a sink or hose.

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